This article by Man Repeller is very inspiring for those of you who are, just like me, building a brand from scratch. I started personal shopping over 10 years ago and never thought that it would grow into SAC. I love making others feel great when they go into their closet to get dressed every day. What inspires you? Are you starting a brand and wish there were more people providing advice? Let’s talk about it here! Leave your thoughts and comments below. Don’t forget to click on the hyperlink above to read the article. Smooches! – Katrina

Download the brand new Style Addicts Con

Download the brand new Style Addicts Confidential App to be styled by me! Submit a photo or video inside of the app while you are out shopping or at home trying to decide which shoes to wear or which new nail lacquer to get during your mani & pedi!! I am here to be your personal style consultant. – Katrina #KatrinaStyled